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The 3 main challenges for Water – 16th May 2019

Sir James Bevan talks about the 3 main challenges that face the water sector and the mainline water shortages within the UK.

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Labour’s UK water plan to cost as much as £14.5bn – 26th April 2019

The Labour party has planned to renationalise the UK water sector which is potentially going to cost as much as £14.5bn.

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High demand crops are causing worldwide droughts! – 8th April 2019

An article from Science Times, highlighting the potential water shortages and the impact this will have on the agricultural sector.

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5 things you need to know about water! – 22nd March 2019

Circle of the Blue reporter Brett Walton, highlights 5 keys facts about water that you may not know!

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Just 25 years until England could run out of water! – 19th March 2019

The chief executive of the Environment Agency has warned that the UK faces the possibility of running out of water in the next 25 years.

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Managing an on-farm water supply without interruption! – 5th March 2019

Mark Taylor of Water Plus, studies the steps involved with managing a farms water supply against regular interruption and more importantly the amount of water, farms can unfortunately waste.

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Scientists create new method to sterilise drinking water – 26th February 2019

Chinese scientists have created a new method to eliminate bacteria within drinking water. This is through a special material directly linked with sunlight, that can disinfect large quantities of water daily.

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Women and girls are impacted the most by the global water crisis – 19th February 2019

1 in 9 people around the world doesn’t have access to clean drinking water, with women and girls most affected. Having to walk hours each day to collect the resource, unfortunately, sees young women dropping out of school at an early age and somewhat vulnerable to child marriage.

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£8bn investment planned as water bills increase by 2% annually – 11th February 2019

The average annual household water bill is due to increase by £8, on the back of a 2% increase in water and sewerage bills in England and Wales. The aim for investment is to eventually lower annual bills, but investment is required first.

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Water modernization techniques for a hot, craving planet – 4th February 2019

Water scarcity by 2030 could affect more than 700 million “water refugees”, with it being in the top 5 global risks in the world today. With three quarters of fresh water being utilised for agricultural use, what can really be done?

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London will face water shortages against growing population – 28th January 2019

Leading civil engineering professors have denoted that London will soon come under extreme water stress and face major shortages. This is on the back of predictions highlighting London will have over 10 million inhabitants by 2035.

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Water consumptions fines to be introduced over ‘excessive use’ – 22nd January 2019

Households in Ireland seen to be excessively using water will be warned to cut their water consumption or face being fined. Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy is putting forward a memorandum to the cabinet that he hopes will be approved and rolled out in 2020.

This comes on the back of the overall water consumption in Northern Ireland last year being the highest to date.

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Water continues to be constantly wasted – 21st January 2019

Its thought that by 2040 3 billion people will affected by the worldwide water crisis. Its thought that major African countries will be at greater risk, with extreme water stress leading to social, economical and agricultural problems.

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President Trump signs Water Improvement Act to the delight of the NACWA – 17th January 2019

President Donald Trump has been applauded by the National Associations of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) for the passing of the Water Improvement Act. This movement will allow clean water agencies more scope to protect public health and meet essential Clean Water Act (CWA) obligations.

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With millions relying on water, glaciers are retreating quicker than ever – 16th January 2019

Reporters Henry Fountain and Ben.C.Solomon travelled to Kazakhstan investing the effects of climate change and global warming on glaciers.
A year prior, a team of explorers measured the depth of the ice and found that it diminished by up to 3 feet, matching against the growing average core temperature in the area.

In the last 6 years over half a mile of the glacier has melted and this isn’t projected to slow.

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Price of Water needs to be increased to educate people on its worth – 15th January 2019

On the back of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, experts have revealed that the price of water needs to be increased to educate people on its worth and that its “not a gift from the sky”.

The country is currently under pressure to maintain its water supply against its climate, high demand and waste. Frederix Claux, head of GCC global services and energy group, said there needs to be a price overhaul as countries throughout the world struggle to maintain vital supplies.

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Growing Water Stability Means Greater Economic Rise – 14th January 2019

Schneider Electric, a french multinational corporation specialising primarily within the automation and energy sectors, are working closely with Dubai Municpality regarding data analytics within sewerage and drainage networks.
With Middle Eastern and North Africa water resources per capita currently at one-sixth of the global average, significant investment is needed to keep up against a growing population.

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Ofwat disappointed with water transfer efforts made within the water sector – 10th January 2019

Ofwat has expressed its disappointment in the attitude of the water sector to develop crucil inter-regional transfer infrastructure.
This came from a response to the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committe’s water report regarding water regulations. Ofwat explained the lack of development for a water grid that would enable water supplies to areas suffering from water scarcity.

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