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The Global Water Group are a water specialist working in the water infrastructure & water technology sectors. Since 2012 we have focused on the importance of investing all things related to water but in particular;

– Water Supply
– Water Treatment
– The Storage Of Water
– Water Resource Management
– Flood Prevention

Water is the source of life, but it is in scarce supply due to rising global populations and a lack of quality infrastructure to maintain the water that we do have. Since 2012 we have been investing heavily into research and development, identifying ways to improve existing infrastructure and technology. Water is an investment vehicle no different to that of Gold or Oil, due to;

– Global Water Shortages
– Rising Populations
– £449 Billion of investment is needed each year between 2018-2030 for water infrastructure

The Wider Good

Water is so fundamental to life on the planet. Only 10% of fresh water is used by individuals with the remainder being used by agriculture (70%) and business (20%).

Only 1% of the water on the Earth is fit for human consumption, suitable for agriculture, and usable by business. 97% of the world’s water is sea water and the remainder is inaccessible fresh water.

Water tables around the world are being exhausted. The temperature of the planet is rising meaning that our natural and man-made fresh water reserves are at their greatest risk of depletion since the evolution of our species.

Water is linked to everything we do – the food we grow, the energy we create, the growth of our economies, the security of each nation, and the ability to support a growing population.

Human ingenuity will not find the answer to creating new water but it will find an answer on how to better use and distribute water to our homes, farms, and businesses. Human ingenuinty married to the potential for financial gain will create brand new markets, sustain our economies, and provide that which matters the most – supporting the human race for decades and centuries to come.

Funding Innovation

We are committed to creating effective public-private partnerships and to addressing investment and corporate opportunities for opportunities in new and higher-risk emerging markets.

As the world’s population continues to grow as does demand for water for agriculture, business, and individual use, the Global Water Group seeks to position itself and its investors at the forefront of innovative technological applications designed to better use the scarce water resource that we all share as a world.

Although the desire to serve the wider good within our activities can not be denied, our other desire to present our investors and partners with a chance to realise the type of financial return they are seeking at a risk level they feel confident and comfortable with.

Leadership And Connections

Global Water Group operates across a high-level network whose members include:

• heads of state
• leaders in the global water industry
• leading universities and academic institutions
• wealth management firms
• philanthropists
• pension funds
• high net worth investors

Our world is facing an incredible opportunity to create new markets through economic growth but more crucially to serve humanity and secure the most fundamental resource for life.

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